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These days, many of the most effective advertisements are viral. What can start as a site sponsorship or site sponsored story, can quickly grow (go viral) having an impact well beyond the original campaign. When this occurs your ad receives many more impressions than you originally purchased, making the return on investment extremely favorable. The advantage of the 9bytz platform is that the readers already know that they will be reading about something cool and desirable. Combined with a platform built for sharing, gives your ad a greater chance to go viral. We are excellent launch pad for cool content.

In addition, your brand will be seen as cool by simply being associated with the quality and coolness of our 9bytz content, which is an excellent branding opportunity.

There are two ways to advertise on 9bytz, sponsored Bytz and banner advertising.

Sponsoring a Byte
Sponsored Byte is a Byte (post) that is similar in form and style as our daily Bytz; except for the fact that is sponsored giving the advertiser the ability to have their unique product or service highlighted to the 9bytz visitors. While such a Byte can have a call to action, it should always add value for our visitors. This means, like all other Bytz, the Byte is inviting, interesting, and gives an experience to our visitors. A sponsored Byte shows that the extra value for our visitors is sponsored by the advertisers. This might include a link to the advertisers website.

It is possible to develop a Sponsored Bytz Campaign, in which multiple sponsored Bytz of an advertiser appear over a certain period of time.

Banner Advertising
We have two banner locations on 9bytz. One is a  300 x 250 pixel rectangle visible to the right of our Bytz while the other is a Leaderboard visible on the homepage and “Mix it Up” pages. The leaderboard is 920 x 110 pixels but can be adapted as well to show a standard 728 x 90 pixel banner.

For more information about advertising options or a quote, please contact us.