best writing service A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

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This footage will amazing, if not scare you. In this video clip you will see a swarm of flying robots called “nano quadrotors” performing acrobatics, flying in unison, and avoiding obstacles. These robotics operate with artificial intelligence and can communicate with the other robots in their group to coordinate surprisingly complex moves. These little guys have twenty small cameras, a complex digital gyroscope for stability, and communicate via infrared much the same way you control your television with a remote. The idea is that instructions can be sent to one robot who can then spread the message to the others. When you see this, its hard not to think of futuristic science fiction movies where robots take over the world, but researchers insist that they are intended to replace humans in dangerous surveillance missions and disaster recovery. The robots were developed by KMel Robotics and all of the programming and experimenting largely done by the GRASP Lab from the University of Pennsylvania. For more information about the capabilities of these robots take a look at this PhD student who gets nono quadrotors to move aggressively and a team of autonomous quadrotors build a tower structure.

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