Alarm Clock On Wheels Gets You Out of Bed

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Who actually likes to wake up in the morning, seriously? Unless of course it’s for something fun! Reality dictates that most of us get up for something we have to do like, going to work, or class – drab. So what do we do? We hit the snooze button. Some of us hit it not once, not twice, but many times until it’s almost, or definitively, too late. This of course, defeats the whole purpose of having the annoying, utilitarian, black box sitting on your night table, blasting at you like a whistle in a train yard.

Enough already said Gauri Nanda, an MIT grad student who enjoyed her sleep so much she was habitually late for class. When it came time to select a project for her Media Lab class, she thought she’d create something that solved her biggest problem – getting out of bed. We’re betting this was an afternoon class.

The result is probably the coolest, cleverest alarm clock that has ever existed. This thing called Clocky, just exudes personality. If so you much as hit the snooze button once, Clocky will start spinning its wheels, crash land on the floor, and run to a random, elusive hiding spot from which it will chirp at you till you get out of bed to find it. To whole idea is that it gets you up and moving – the mission statement of all alarm clocks. Sadly most fail at the goal, except for Clocky which we think is brilliance on wheels.

source: nandahome

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