Creative Remakes of the World Map

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Any student past and present would admit that geography class at times can be a bit drab. To give the subject a bit more pizzaz, here are some clever artistic recreations of the world map!

World Map Metro Style

Abstract Paint world map

Blueprints world map

Beer world map

Cute World Map

Flags inside candies world map

Cow World map

World of Islands

Wild animals world map

Typographic world map

The world as we know

The world

Tangram Abstract world map

Super Mario World map

Rice Grain world map

Religion world map

Recycle World map

Peel that tangerine world map

Patient to doctor ratios world map

One world

MOustache world map

Artistic map

Map of the world 2010

Map of the world

Magic world map

Inverted Map

Hexagonal world map

Fedex map

Facebook world map

Drop of water world map

Dots world map

Contry codes of the world map

Cofee Map

Cats world map

Caribbean world map

Butterflies map

Bean map

Apple map

Worl map tatoohongkiat

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