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Henry Ford

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On this day in 1913, Henry Ford opened the world’s first moving assembly line. The concept of the assembly line itself was as unique as the car it produced, marking a huge breakthrough in the industrial revolution that reduced production times in factories all over the world. For Henry Ford, this invention meant that the production time of his automobile dropped from twelve hours to two hours and thirty minutes. His Model T, introduced in 1908, was the car ever mass-produced using an assembly line. Watch this inspiring video about Henry Ford following his automobile dream beginning with him tinkering around with prototypes and ending with Model Ts rolling out of the factory every ten seconds.

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Henry Ford in a 10-lap race at the Detroit Driving Club’s one-mile oval track. In this race, held in the year 1901, he defeats Alexander Winton, a famous automobile builder and racer at that time.
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A car Henry Ford built called the ‘999’ that made Barney Oldfield a successful racer. In this picture from 1903 you can see Henry Ford on the right.
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