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Hungry Planet

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Photographers Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio travel around the world to explore the diverse eating habits in different countries. They recently published a photo book called Hungry Planet where they reveal what families eat and how much they spend per week.

Australia Riverview: $428 per week

Bosnia and Herzegovina: $90 per week

Canada Gatineau: $158 per week

Canada Iqaluit: $392 per week

China Weitaiwu: $65 per week

Cuba la Havana: $64 per week

Ecuador Tingo: $32 per week

Egypt Cairo: $78 per week

Germany Bargteheide: $568 per week

Guatemala Todos Santos: $76 per week

India Ujjain: $45 per week

Italy Palermo: $295 per week

Japan, Kodaira City: $361 per week

Kuwait Kuwait City: $252 per week

Mali Kouakourou: $30 per week

Mexico Cuernavaca: $189 per week

United States North Carolina: $342 per week

United States Texas: $242 per week

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