Penguin Paparazzi

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Photographer David Schultz of West Light Images, specializes in nature photography and leading photography tours of Antarctica. On his latest tour, he captured these penguins who were more than curious about all the photo equipment. He came up with these funny captions!

“All I see is black!” …”Take the lens cap off dummy”Penguin Paparazzi (1)

“OK…now back up a little”Penguin Paparazzi (2)

“That’s it…work the camera girl”Penguin Paparazzi (3)

“Remember kids…you break it you buy it!”Penguin Paparazzi (4)

“I think it’s pointed the wrong way”Penguin Paparazzi (5)

“Photographers can be real chick magnets”Penguin Paparazzi (6)source: penguin paparazzi

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