Scandinavian Grass Roofs

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When in doubt grow grass on your roof! Green roofs have made an appearance in the US particularly in larger, modern buildings typically found in larger cities as a way of creating greens space and simultaneously filling the need of having more plans in urban environments that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, which of course benefits the planet. Green roofs also are a good insulator lowering heatings and cooling bills.

What we were surprised to learn, however, is that green roofs have been a part of Scandinavian architecture for centuries. In these photos from Norway, you can see that green roofs can be quite beautiful ranging from grass only to shrubs, flowers, and even small trees. The Norwegians even host green roof competitions to see who has the prettiest roof in the neighborhood. Green roofs require a bit more structural support, but the added weight helps to stabilize the home. Also in case you’re wondering, no mowing is necessary, the idea is to let the roof grow as it wishes.

source: dornob

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